Friday, January 9, 2009



Not that we're implying these gifts were not...thoughtful...just that they are not exactly you. And (as long as you don't offend anyone) we have some suggestions for "improving" these bummer gifts into something that actually applies to your life.

1. Ugly sweater from Grannie Joan...solution: mittens, scarves and leg warmers (you could get a set of each out of one sweater!)

2. XL T-shirt from Aunt Millie's cruise to the Bahamas...solution: cut it into gores and make a skirt, cami, or just take in the sides and sleeves for a more fashionable (and ironic) look.

3. ANOTHER pair of flannel PJs...solution: pillow (with "decorative" button placket-great for a project with the kids), eye pillow (with lavender-hmmmm)

4. Old fashioned table linens from Great Aunt Mable...solution: piece them into a blanket (or curtain), yoga bag, grocery tote or drawstring make up bag

The moral of this story is that thrifty gals like us spare no scrap and aim for the functional. So don't feel guilty, just think of all the trees you're saving!

Tip: Basically, you're just using your gift like yardage and strategically placing pattern pieces.
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