Monday, December 17, 2012


Step 1::  First find a [copyright free] image you love. 
*TIP* It will print as a mirror image, so if there are words or directional images make sure to adjust it in Photoshop.  (Go to Image - Image Rotation - Flip Canvas)
Step 2:  Print your image on iron on transfer paper

Step 3::  Use a hot iron to press your image into your fabric according to the directions.  You can use an iron, we just happen to have a heat press

Step 4::  Peel the paper backing off your transfer.


Step 5::  Cut down your printed fabric to 2 pieces.
The front should be 10" x 11"
The back should be 14" x 11"
*OR* whatever size makes sense for your sketchbook, ipad, etc...

Step 6:: Sew your zipper to the front piece.
Don't stress out about zippers, take a deep breath and follow the instructions inside the package.

Step 7:: Sew the other side of the zipper to your back piece.

Step 8::  Now is a good time to embellish!

Step 9::  Press a fold into the back piece so it folds over the the front.  The bottom edges of your 2 pieces should line up. 

Step 10::  Stitch the side seams and bottom seam.