Friday, February 5, 2010

Project Selvedge Challenge # 1

The "unfortunate fabric contest":

From your grab bag of woodland scenes and cherry blossoms, make a garment (or garments) that exemplifies you as a designer. What inspires you? Consider this a wordless mission statement. You can manipulate the fabric in any way you want, but you cannot use any additional materials (except a $5 notion budget at Selvedge). You must incorporate at least 2 different printed fabrics from your bag. "Make it work," as the say

The garments are due March 5 @ 6p, but in order to get on the Fashion Show roster, you need to contact Selvedge by March 1 (541 7171).

Fashion show at 7pm.


As promised, here are the
Rules and Regs:
You must be available the following dates for Fashion Shows (all Fridays):
March 5
March 12
March 26

April 2
April 9
April 16 (or 15?)

Finale! May 7

If accepted as a contestant, you must participate in all challenges and have no outside assistance.
Each week, one contestant will be eliminated based on the judge's critiques and decisions.
Each contestant is responsible for finding a reliable model to wear the clothes created in each challenge.
Before each show, designers will be allowed to accessorize their model with items from Betty's Divine.
Each challenge has specific guidelines, a budget and rules. Supplies will be provided by Selvedge and each contestant will have a week to sew the garment at home.
All construction and design must be done without help from others.
Ready-made patterns may be used as long as they are modified significantly.
Two designers will compete in the final challenge and fashion show for the grand prize.
In order of priority, each challenge will be judged on:
1. overall design
2. creativity
3. solution to challenge
4. quality of craftsmanship & fit on the model.

Thanks, & good luck!
(I didn't bore you with ALL the details. Catch those on our website


Shamelessly riding Molly's coat tails, we here at Selvedge are proud to show you how she puts our silks and velvets to work. Molly lives here in Missoula and if you ever get a chance to see Molly's work, GO!! It's like nothing you've ever seen before.

Take the rare oppurtunity to own your own piece at the Missoula Art Museum's Artini Art Auction. Rush right over there! The auction ends February 18th!

Welcome February!

Get out there in the mush for a bit of culture tonight.
Wine and cheese your way to Selvedge tonight for our first fashion design competition of the season.
See who's who in Missoula's sewing and design scene in a fashion show @ 7p @ Selvedge (509 S Higgins). Our distinguished judges (if I do say so myself) will choose a winner, but really everyone wins in a fashion show!

See you then! (7p @ Selvedge)