Friday, November 11, 2011


start with 2 fat quarters

1.  trim your fat quarters to be the exact same size

(step 1 and 2 are easiest if you stack your fats one on top of the other, then you only have to cut once!)

2.  cut your fat quarters into fourths

option :: use scraps to add some spice to your napkins

3.  right sides together, stitch around all 4 sides
(make sure to leave yourself a 3" hole to pull your fabric back through!)

4. clip your corners and trim any excess seam allowance

5.  pull your napkin right side out and use a pointy tool to poke out the corners, then press your seams flat

6.  top stitch around the edge of your almost-finished napkin, this allows you to close the hole you left and add any decrative elements you can invent!

done!  now just enjoy a cocktail with friends
(gifty tip ::  add a small bottle of infused vodka* and they'll all want you as their secret santa)

*Infused Vodka Recipe ::
1.  Find an air tight jar
2.  Put the flavor of your choice in the bottom of the jar  (lemon zest, pineapple, apple/cinnamon, ginger, bacon, coffee, the possibilities are endless)
3.  Poor vodka over the top & put the lid on the jar
4.  Keep the jar in the fridge or on your counter for 1-2 weeks - shake them at least once a day
5.  Strain if necessary and enjoy!