Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Boom Swagger 30 Days of Hair

30 Days of Hair! Being on the block I got to see it all this past month, everyone really got creative. I love the themes, Aimee's "Religions of the World" and Miranda's many different ways to pin a box in her hair! And Carly, I am not sure how with such short hair she can get so many looks, and be glamorous in every one! So I thought I would high light my favorite do from all the participants before announcing the winner!

Boom Swagger

I must start with Melinda, my favorite stylist, and stylist to my entire family. My word for Melinda is Elegant, and this is my favorite look:

Sarah, can be so cute and sassy, but mostly cute. I love this look:

Brooke, with such big eyes, who even notices silky locks? She looks so pretty with her hair up

Lee, who already has a rockin' style but manages to mix it up even more. Love the nest

Abby, usually flants those beautiful waves, I love the story in this style...She looks like a British shop girl with a secret life as a DJ in a club

Maren, every style is so sweet! No secret life for her, she is always a beautiful a garden princess

Oh Carly, she has one of those styles that just makes you want to look and look. I love the way she mixes it up and is so convincing every time. It's hard to decide, but I think this is my favorite look, so sexy

Here are all the Boom Swagger photos on facebook

 Betty's Divine!

Little did she know that she was made for this backcombed updo, it works for you Karen

Miranda mostly sports boxes, which are great, but I love the Kitty Hair!

Nanda, I think this look should start a trend. So easy, so quick, so quirky and cute (just like Nanda!)

Aimee is fearless, if you didn't know. I just can't decide which look I like best! Amazingly I think it might be the Italian lass from 1940, running away from home, although Wife #7 is pretty good too, check out all the facebook photos

This has been so entertaining, it is amazingly hard work to get creative with your hair for 30 days. I made it for about 4, and then started repeating. But, because of the challenge I now own a curling iron and use it regularly, as well as about 5,000 bobby pins, which I also use regularly. So everyone take some inspiration from these beauties and take some risks with your look! 

Boom Swagger is my pick for this years winner, with a tip of the hat to Betty's Divine for their creativeness!

Thanks for all the fun!, Mary