Saturday, November 28, 2009

Satuday Workshop 12/5 Stockings!

Come by Selvedge on Satuday, December 5th from 11-1 and make a hip stocking! Funky and fresh, you'll even want to make them for your pets. You'll need to purchase 3/8 yard of fabric (less than $4.00) and we'll provide scraps for embellishing. See you there!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Well...winter is officially here and you know what that means right?! It is time to turn on your fashion design brains!! We're gearing up for Project Selvedge (you know, our annual fashion design competition), but in the meantime-put your thinking caps on cause Selvedge is proud to announce our involvement in a NATIONAL JACKET COMPETITION.
Here's the deal:

1. Make a jacket. It can be of your own design or from a commercial pattern (you do get brownie points for making the pattern yourself, just sayin').
2. This is not a team project. If your friend wants to help, tell him to enter his own jacket!
3. The criteria by which your jacket will be judges is as follows: a. creativity b. fit on model and craftsmanship.
4. Your jacket will be judged by a panel of 3 amazingly talented folks at a live fashion show on First Friday February 5 at 7p at Selvedge (509 S Higgins). At which point we will require full disclosure of costs of supplies, patterns used, etc. (The jacket itself will be due January 31st).
5. There will be a spending limit of $100 to keep the competition fair. If you get your fabric from Selvedge you get 20% off your supplies (which means $120, yeah?). You are free to use your "stash," I've know we've all got one. But be conscious of what your fabrics are worth-don't tell me you got 5 yards of cashmere for $45, not a chance.
6. Of course, there will be prizes! $100 in cash, $50 gift certificate to Selvedge and dinner for two at Iza-our newest Hip Strip restaurant. Plus, anyone who makes a jacket will be automatically entered as an applicant into our fourth annual Project Selvedge-unless you don't want to be for some crazy reason! Oh yeah!! And your the winning jacket will be featured in a spread in Threads for the world to see.

I know you've got a lot on your plate right now, but just start your sketching-I predict you'll be rearing to go by the new year (do I smell a resolution?).