Saturday, March 13, 2010

Project Selvedge Challenge #2 Winner!

The lovely Julia LaTray wins Le Kickball Challenge Dos with her
Furious Truck Stop Waitresses (FTW) ensemble. Julia won for her originality and every Missoula kickball gal style. Congrats Julia!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


As if the Kickball challenge weren't terrifying enough:

I alerted the designers of a little twist yesterday...

By now I'm sure you are all almost done with the designs that represent your fictitious kickball team. But wait! How will your fans know you? Grab your scraps and make a flag for your team to fly high above the dug out so all the fans know who to cheer for (this is important as there is sometimes [lots of] alcohol involved in spectating).

Challenge 2:

Those pour designers! Here's this week's almost impossible challenge:

This is our first sportswear challenge on Project Selvedge and it won’t be easy-especially considering you have to get all your supplies at Secret Seconds, on a $25 budget. Le Kickball is the newest scene in fashionable recreation here under the Big Sky. Each designer needs to invent a team (and name it, that’s important). And design an outfit that can be kicked, slid and pitched in.

Can’t wrap your head around Le Kickball? Maybe this will help:
I dare you to try this at home.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Saturday Workshop!

Keep your beer cold and your hand warm with a beer coozie! Now you don't have to use the classic foam ones, you can class it up with a homemade fabric coozie! COOL! Join us Saturday morning (march 13th) at 11am at Selvedge!