Saturday, February 7, 2009


project selvedge is an amateur fashion design competition
(which means no excuses about "i'm not good enough" and all that!).
here's how it works:
1. go to the website and check out the application:
2. fill out the application and bring it to us by february 23 (along with $25-which by the way is all it will cost you. we provide all the supplies)
3. we'll let you know if you made it by february 27.
4. then the fun begins: each week we present the designers with a new challenge & supplies. you will have a week to sew your design.
5. there is a fab fashion show on friday evenings in march-your designs will be critiqued by a panel of judges who will pick a winner and a loser.
6. the loser of each challenge will have to hand in their project selvedge badge. if you are lucky & talented enough to make it, there is a finale fashion show in april.
7. now the good part: the prize. the winner of the finale will receive $500 in fabric from Selvedge. Betty's Divine is throwing in a $125 gift certificate, but that's not all! As if that wasn't enough, they will hook you up with an oil change and a Brazilian wax-I kid you not (and both done by professionals :).

got it? let us know if anything is unclear or if you have any questions! (we're really good at encouragement too if you need a little extra push)

L & M 541.7171

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Kylie K. Cooney said...

I recomemd everyone to try this! it was the highlight of my spring when i did it last year!!!