Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I wanted to give everyone a heads up on the final challenge so you can start thinking about it. There will one or two eliminations in the mean time, but it is a little more involved and I think it would help to start thinking about it now.

For the finale you will be making a line of clothing. Your line will need to consist of 2-4 garments and/or accessories (total). The pieces in a line of clothing should have a similar inspiration and should have a cohesive presence (think of it this way: often, if someone likes a particular line of clothing, they purchase multiple pieces and they should coordinate somewhat).
Another aspect of the challenge will be to create an identity for yourself. Give your "company" and line a name-design a tag or business card that represents this.
Your budget and other details will be announced next week, but start thinking about what you want to do.
TIPS: Time is always an issue in Project Selvedge, as in the real world. Build your line accordingly. Some pieces should be simple basics and some should be some more complicated and "stand out" pieces.
Also, wear ability is an issue with a line of clothing as opposed to runway fashion.
I recommend choosing more than one model for the fashion show-it gets crazy and goes fast and having multiple models will make everyone's life easier.

Let me know if you have any questions!
Thanks for all your work and inpiration. The fans of Project Selvedge (even the ones not directly related to contestants:) LOVE the event and the amazing things you guys come up with. I hear compliments on your work daily-so thanks for making it a success.

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