Friday, September 18, 2009

Goodwill ReDesign!

goodwill redesign project by selvedge studio
*this project is what Brynn calls the katie holmes sunday outfit
*it started with a large linen men's dress shirt, band collar (3.99)

* we cut off the cuffs, ruched the shoulders, and added elastic to the wrist for a flowy cuff
*the tom jeans are straight-of-the-rack 2.99
*our paper boy bag completes the look, it is a $35 class at selvedge
*of course katie is in disguise driving this vintage vw van

we call this one glacier girl
, it is a combo of secret seconds top and selvedge fabric.

*cut the top at the waist, gathered the bear fabric and sewed them together.

*leah has been working on a record redesign project and made this fabulous handbag from the .50 bin at Record Heaven.

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